Monday, September 29, 2008

I'll see your bailout and raise you one dragon and a robot

by sarah marine

You know what makes more sense to me than "bailout"? Huh? Do ya?

Robots...and dragons. That's right. Here are a couple of children's books, out this fall, that will definitely make you the coolest auntie/uncle, ma/pa, friendo/super-friendo, republican/democrat/independent to ever lose/not lose money in the last fourteen days.

The Trouble With Dragons
by Deb Gliori

This cautionary tale of critters from all corners of our precious globe coming together in harmony to dispel the wasteful behavior of the careless dragons is an uplifting addition to the works of Deb Gliori. Brightly illustrated with thoughtfully detailed panoramas, The Trouble with Dragons helps to educate children on the importance of respecting our surroundings and teaching others-even stubborn dragons- the same.

The Robot and the Bluebird
by David Lucas

A gentle robot finds himself marooned in a trash heap after learning that his robot heart is broken beyond reparation. A little bluebird, however, flutters into the picture and the gentle robot offers the space where his heart used to be as a shelter for the bird against the cold winter outside. Together they then head south, where the journey and this wonderful tale will surely find its own place in your own clever heart.

Also, to all the hearty housewarming party-goers, I salute you- had a blast.


jordan said...

i still don't know what to write about "the robot and the bluebird" but it was sweet. like lemondrops. with that hint of sour.

Jay Johnson said...

Yeah, "robot & bluebird" had the feel of a classic. it has a great story thta's both simple (sacrifice, redemption, friendship) and complex (robots! and nature co-existing, Modernity's wastedumps). The art was good, but didn't take away from the story by being the major feature.

I think this book may have a place in my future...

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