Friday, September 5, 2008

the established library or the summer I loved comic books

by sarah marine

"I'm a bookseller" transported here from Bookslut. enjoy.

My summer reading took a surprising turn when in the midst of classes, moving and nuptial things, I found that I am quite partial to Alpha Flight, Power Man, the Avengers and X-Men comic books. Bayard and I did much trolling in the comic section of Downtown Books, which is a trove of treasure, and suffice to say that my regular fiction reading took a backseat to Wolverine and co. I have also been obsessed with Battle Star Galactica-even to the extent of when my comics reading extended into the world of Chris Ware, I was of course examining some Rusty Brown plate with a handy magnifying thing and nearly screamed when I spotted a Battle Star Galactica poster on Rusty's bedroom wall. Also, Chalky is my favorite. Hey Jay! Put that Quimby the Mouse in IBID so I can devour it, thanks.

The comic explosion having settled a bit, and our library having been packed realtively early in anticipation of our long-time-coming move, I picked up the only book not in a box, Confederacy of Dunces, which Bayard got for his birthday, and 3/4 of the way through it, Rusty Brown and Ignatius C. Reilly- brothers from another mother??? Furthermore, Jones is my favorite fiction character read all year.

stay tuned for housewarming party news...until then, here are a couple low quality pictures of our beloved home library. It is named 'junebug vs. hurricane' and dedicated to Borges, a great lover of libraries. Its all quite formal, you see.

the fireplace works!


Justin Riley said...

Grrrr! Your stately library puts the unruly collective of four foot tall 'book squats' peppered around my apartment to shame.

Now I have shame. Thanks.

Jay Johnson said...

Ja. I totally put Quimby Mouse in *yesterday*!

Beautiful comic, though, both the link and the Ware.

This is for you both: link

Brian said...

Sarah, your pictures are fantastic and your comparison between Ignatius --

Wait a second.

Did you say "Alpha Flight"?

You can't mean the crime-fighting Canadar mutant group Alpha Flight? With the guy in the Captain America suit except with a giant red maple leaf on it? And the braniac scientist who turns into a yeti? And the super strong dwarf with the giant letter "P" on his jumpsuit? And there's a world famous skier and a bipolar Quebecci on that team, too, if I recall.

Man, sometimes I wonder how I made it through adolesence with my brain in tact. (Or, rather, if.)

StacieMichelle said...

I like your cat on the ottoman.

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