Monday, September 22, 2008


Faythe Levine and Cortney Heimerl's new love letter to the DIY community has arrived at the Downer store. Having attended the first rep. night I was lucky enough to swipe this ahead of time. This book is invaluable in its very humble presentation of some of the hardest working crafters in the nation. Faythe is our own renaissance lady; co-owner of Paper Boat, organizer of the righteous Art vs. Craft and overall champion and supporter of all things indy creative. We are so lucky to have her. The book is in paperback and very affordable.

You can view the trailer for the documentary also entitled Handmade Nation, here.


Denise said...

Faythe Levin continues to inspire me. I find myself talking about her to women across the country- more then I talk about people I actually know!

I also continue to talk about BayView and how incredibly amazing it was (is?) that so many women under 30 were (are?) running businesses.

You Wisconsites can really get down to it- when you need to.

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