Tuesday, January 13, 2009

call me copy cat

i think we're a bit late for the 2008 lists, we're behind the vogue. but here they are, my lists for the past year.

my top five (in no exact order) of...

... books i read and loved, from 2008:

1) machine by peter adolphsen
2) little brother by cory doctorow
3) the gone away world by nick harkaway
4) armageddon in retrospect by kurt vonnegut
5) the view from the seventh layer by kevin brockmeier

... books i wanted to read, but never accomplished, from 2008

1) milk & melancholy by kenneth hayes
2) ringolevio: a life played for keeps by emmett grogan
3) userlands: new fiction writers from the blogging underground edited by dennis cooper
4) content by cory doctorow
5) girl on the fridge by etgar keret

... books i read (and loved) in 2008, returning from the past

1) the mayor of castro street by randy shilts
2) the passion by jeanette winterson
3) i am not myself these days by josh kilmer-purcell
4) exploits & adventures of brigadier gerard by sir arthur conan doyle
5) willful creatures by aimee bender

that's as far as i go. it's a new year, suddenly, and countless prospects are already appearing on the horizon. this'll be a good year for the bookish types, i can feel it.

until next time, friends.

"read that book!"


sarah marine said...

Do you have a copy of that Userland title?

StacieMichelle said...

Hooray for lists!

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