Saturday, December 13, 2008

underrated, cheap, pretty (great gift books)

this is my list of books that they (probably) don't have yet. "they" being the person you still can't quite decide what to get. better yet, they're all pretty cheap - at most $16. EVEN BETTER YET, they're all damn pretty - so you know that even if they hate the book (philistines) they can find it attractive, and their "Thank You" will be sincere.

furthermore, all of these books are available at the Downer Ave shop RIGHT NOW! (for a limited time, i'm sure). so:

Machine by Peter Adolphsen ($15)

will i ever stop talking about this book? no.

it's beautiful, interesting, short, slightly quirky, original, and perfect for giving away.

for: anyone who loves life for the small and seemingly inconsequential coincidences that connect everyone. fans of Northern European fiction. anyone who likes interesting things.

(Illustrated by Stephane Jorisch)

the classic Lewis Carroll poem re-issued and beautifully illustrated. Jorisch's illustrations are striking and eccentric, they perfectly compliment the tone of the poem - nonsense fun-loving frivolity with an undertone of tragedy (and a dash of chivalry).

for: everyone who's anyone.

a little known gem of the Vonnegut collection. Kurt works with Dr. Jack Kevorkian, using induced near-death experiences, to conduct interviews at the pearly gates with historical figures such as Hitler and Shakespeare.

for: Vonnegut fans. champions of legal euthanasia. anyone interested in alternative knowledge of history. anyone who has a smart sense of humor.

the most comprehensive book about the intricacies that are really important to the most ULTIMATE sport. this book will tell you everything you need to know about the players and the game, and it's written in a style perfectly suited to the attitude necessary to excel in Ultimate (namely, with a superb frivolity).

for: college students. sports fans. anyone who is a stickler for the rules (it'll help them get over it).

a small and fully illustrated guide to creating all kinds of snow structures. whether you're enjoying the snowfall in the comfort of your own backyard or stranded in the freezing tundra, without a hope of surviving the bitter cold, frostbite already nipping at your nose, with nothing but the clothes on your back and a makeshift shovel of stone - this book has all the information you need to enjoy whatever time you have left.

for: boy scouts. adventurers. that kid who keeps begging you to build them a clubhouse. eskimos. paranoid schizophrenics.

the Oxford "Very Short Introduction" series is a beautiful thing full of even more beautiful things. think of all those times you didn't learn about something you were interested in, because you didn't have an adequate introduction, and kick yourself for each one. Oxford will save you from many bruises.
this book provides a biography, major works, his role in the French Revolution (and the budding sexual revolution) AND it provides a bibliography of further titles to pursue, if you want to learn more.

for: those interested in French history, the history of sexuality, or history in general.

this book is the first collection of The Perry Bible Fellowship in print, it contains the musings of a twisted, original, unflinchingly fantastic mind. the illustrations range from the essentially simplistic to the gloriously grandiose but all contain a childlike glee that may mislead the unwary. this is certainly not a child's book.

for: lovers of graphic humor. people who laugh at "inappropriate" moments. fans of the absurd. YOU!

so now that you've found something for everyone, go out and enjoy yourself a little! don't wait until christmas eve to realize that the holidays don't need to be so stressful.


Justine said...

Jabberwocky sounds exactly my style. nothing better than eccentric illustrations. Thanks J-Money

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