Tuesday, November 11, 2008


"if a bullet should enter my brain, let that bullet destroy every closet door."

this quote is probably the most widely recognized legacy of the late (great) Harvey Milk, self proclaimed "Mayor of Castro Street". which makes sense as, considering the circumstances, it was really spot-on.

it's been a while now since i read The Mayor of Castro Street by Randy Shilts (and absolutely drowned myself in it, rejoicing in the viscous fluid even as it dragged me down to the depths of hell) - and therefore i don't want to try to talk about it much. in any case i feel i should mention it at least briefly for a few reasons:

1) It was absolutely great and the most engaging non-fiction work I have ever read (though, amazingly, Harvey Milk's life and death provided many events that would seem more at home in the pages of the most fantastic of novels.)

2) I haven't posted anything on this blog in a while.

3) THE FILM! If anyone doesn't know yet, Gus Van Sant has created a film about the life of Milk which will be in wide release in December (who can smell a bookseller field trip?) - aptly titled MILK! (the exclamation is mine, but the capitals are theirs). I'll even show you a trailer.

or follow this link to see it bigger.

so now that i know you're excited for the film, i want to encourage you to read the book before the film is released (as we should with any film adaptation) - it is certainly worth your time. it's safe to say that Harvey Milk would be thrilled to know that his life was being immortalized in film (he had a penchant for theatrics), and we can honor him by enjoying it.

and for the record (i.e. to amuse sarah): i'm obsessed with milk! i love milk! sweet, opaque white nectar of the gods (or cows, depending on your religious affiliation)! milk! miLK! MILK! milkedy milky milk milk-a-roo! chocolate milk! strawberry milk! banana milk! organic or soy or homogenized milk! the person AND the beverage!



sarah marine said...

Right on top of me, eh? I see how it is. No platonic baths for you!

jordan said...

i'm always on top in our relationship.

sarah marine said...

end this now.

no mention of your favorite forthcoming MIT title??? TO SHAME.

jordan said...

did you count how many times i said "milk" in that post!?

even one more and the world would have imploded!

sarah marine said...

'milkedy' doesnt count.

jordan said...


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