Monday, July 28, 2008

Gone Away for another day

The Gone-Away World by Nick Harkaway is a stark raving mad compendium of everything you've ever wanted to read a novel about.

This book includes (the long list): ninjas, dreams, death, war, armageddon, WMD's, mutant killer bees, espionage, moonshine, kung-fu, mimes, polish mothers, homicidal half-man half-animal mutations, pirates, stock cars, revolution, sexy nurses, brain damage, references to norse mythology, truckers, haz-mat, split personalities, evil corporations, secret societies, saving the world... and of course sex, love and friendship (to give it that full-flavored taste).

In short, this book is epic, imposing, grandiose, and a thoroughly worthwhile read... provided your main literary objective is entertainment. In the authors own words, "more than anything, I wanted this book to be fun. I wanted it to be more fun than the other things you could usefully be doing with your time." (

Mr. Harkaway, my time is yours.

(Hardcover, $24.95. 02 September 2008, Knopf.)


sarah marine said...

welcome to the fray, my favorite corruptible young bookseller. today's book excursion may be immediately followed by gin and prepare for fun to rival this book that better not be touching my books on the staff shelf. end.

Jay Johnson said...

welcome, jordanian. keep it coming... and sarah's recreational proposition might be the most british colonial thing i've heard all day.

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