Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Two Quickies - The Shock Doctrine "trailer" by Naomi Klein & 52 Projects / Working for the Man by Jeffrey Yamaguchi

Both of these interesting finds come by means of exchange.

The Naomi Klein video comes recommended by Noel, whom I spoke with briefly at our Downer Ave shop last night. This book hit the shelves yesterday and seems poised to fly into the hands of a wide, discerning readership.

The 52 Projects link comes from the extremely
unpersonal (and admittedly amazing) Feedburner statistics. (Plug: subscribe to our feed, if you haven't already.) Say what you will about Williamsburg, but I am certainly a fan of spontaneous - or prescription-aided - public art. Make your community beautiful! 52 Projects is available now; Working for the Man will be in stores in November - but is, of course, available for pre-order now.


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