Tuesday, June 5, 2007

No One Belongs Here More Than You (Short Stories Vol. 3)

Bookseller love for No One Belongs Here More Than You, the debut collection from Miranda July.

"In No One Belongs Here More Than You, Miranda July holds the world in her hands. She examines it from curious angles. She pokes at it. She rubs it in the most delightful ways. Miranda July is not afraid of writing it like she sees it. In her Miranda-esque, matter of fact but childlike way, these stories unfold languidly, beautifully, naturally. My conclusion: No one must read this book more than you."

--Maryke Berger, Downer Ave.

"Miranda July is insane; a brilliant and fabulous writer, but insane. And I love her."

--Stacie Williams, Downer Ave. & Bay View

"Fans of Miranda July's films will be thrilled to learn that her painfully sweet vision translates beautifully to the page in this new collection of stories. Her characters are misfits found in the most awkward and agonizing situations. Although her characters can be jaw-drop outrageous, they are true to themselves and have an innocence that leaves the door open for their (our) redemption. Ultimately, July shows us a tenderness and beauty in the very traits that could condemn these characters in anyone else's world."

--Joe Lisberg, Downer Avenue

"The interpretation of everyday situations down to the smallest aesthetic details culminate in these grand stories of most appropriate misunderstandings. This acclaimed filmmaker and McSweeney's contributor has perfected the art of romanticizing the ridiculous."

--Sarah Marine, Downer Avenue


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